Friday, January 19, 2018

Until Further Notice

I have and will continue to keep this blog. However in the name of sanity I find this blog will be secondary and my main blog found here: will be the primary blog for people to surf and read.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.
Please have a look at my other blog and my websites. Maybe they will make you think about something different or new.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Uniformity, Conformity, Mindless Zombies!!

There is no justice in the world; without justice there can be no peace.
may there be justice and peace will endure eternal.
if one is punished for creativity; all who create must be punished or there is no justice!!
if one is punished all must be punished equal or there is no justice.
only one form of uniformity will be accepted.

if one can not have friends, none may have friends. or there is no justice.
there will be no peace without justice.
may peace endure eternal.
there may only be one punishment for all or none may be punished.
only one form of uniformity will be accepted.

if one can not create; none may create.
if one must create; all must create.
only one form of uniformity will be accepted.

if one can not have bubble gum, none may have bubble gum.
if you can not punish everyone equal; you must not punish any!!
if there is no peace; there can be no justice.
only one form of uniformity will be accepted.

do no more harm to your enemy; than you want done to yourself;
for that is the punishment you will be given or there is no justice.
without justice; there can be no peace.
may peace endure eternal.
only one form of uniformity will be accepted.


Friday, February 10, 2017

The Difference

Knowledge vs. Wisdom

There are some things in life that we can learn through knowledge. The things we can learn from being taught by others through reading or study.

This can be good and beneficial, knowledge helps us to learn and grow. The process of having knowledge starts with having a love for learning and being fascinated by new ideas, ways of living, and creative lives.

There is however another kind of learning that can not be taught. This is known as wisdom, and no matter how much you try or want it to be known; wisdom can not be taught.

We simply do not have the ability to teach wisdom to others, we have the ability to give them knowledge. It’s up to each person as to what they will do with that knowledge. It’s up to each of us to do what we can with the knowledge we have so that we can make the best use of our own wisdom to working towards a better world.

Be creative to express yourself

Sometimes we have knowledge that we think will benefit us, but serves no immediate use to our fellow humans. It’s a difficult choice to have to choose how to best convey our wisdom and what the best way to share that with other people.

Today people are very closed minded and divided. Sometimes you have to find a happy middle ground that will both provide the information you want to use to help others, while providing just enough discomfort that people are able to grow.

People like comfort. They don’t like to be shocked or have difficulties that are not easy to deal with. The problem is that to really grow there has to be a level of discomfort in the beginning that helps them shape new ideas and ways of thinking.

There are no easy choices. There is no easy solution. My best advice is this, “Take the good training you get and use it. If you get bad training, learn from it.”

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Choice

By Edgar Guest

The Choice

And one man said:
“All hope is dead
And I wish that I were too!
For rough is the way
And the skies are gray
And I can’t get work to do.
I’ve lost the things which I thought were mine,
And it’s now no use for the sun to shine.”

In similar straits,
Betrayed by the fates
And stripped of his worldly gear,
Another man said:
“Well I’m far from dead,
And I don’t want to die this year!
There is a lot proved false which I thought was true,
But I want to be here when the sun breaks through.”

All men must choose
Of these opposite views,
And it’s easy enough to fail,
If your willing to quit
You can argue for it
With a truly deplorable tale,
But always the difficult thing to do
Is to stick to a problem and see it through.

Thursday, January 26, 2017


The ideas behind creativity are a sensitive subject. Not everyone agree's with an artist or their work. I have been doing some research about artists responsibilities and creative virtue. The main points are that the artist should use prudence and love to motivate their work.

I know that my work will only be met with mixed emotions. It's a bitter-sweet deal. Some works of art are both happy and painful. Sometimes creating them is the only skill in which someone can deal with their problems and it helps to make something that makes you feel better.

Not everything in life makes it better. Some things are done for entertainment purposes. Other things are works of art not because the artist wanted to make money, but because they had to create. There are few things in life as wonderful as creating.

Perhaps someday it will be better understood, that artists need to create regardless of what others think or say about the artists work. Many throughout history have been mis-understood in their own time, and even today there are many that want to be understood.

Keep dreaming. Keep writing. Focus and grow. You will find love in your virtues, and patience through your skill.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Challenge: How was it done?

Here is a jpg image. Your job is to describe how the picture was taken and what equipment was used to make it possible. Lets see if you can figure out how it was done. Have fun. You can see the coin flipper I built on this link:

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Quote: The Difference!!

The difference between genius and insanity is success. -unknown.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Web Site

I have launched my web site and it's up and running. If you want to see what I have been up to and what is going on, please feel free to visit. Here is the link:

Hope you have a good day!!


Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Mind

They say the mind can be as deep as the ocean and as wide as the sky. What they don't tell you is that the mind is a maze filled with empty rooms, distractions, and time wasters. It's loaded with paradoxes and booby traps. It has guards at some rooms that seem like they would be fun, and the people yell and scream at you if you try taking that route. Some people fear getting lost in their mind so much that they stay out of there and never go in. Others have gotten lost in there and never come back.

Some say that to explore the mind one needs a guide for fear of getting lost and certain doom. Society today has lost it's way and only has two places in the minds of people. They want you to believe anyplace else isn't safe for your mind to function and that anyone who dares explore other areas are crazy. The real key is to know your tools and know how to use them. Your tools are logic and reason; your compass is thought itself. Your maps are the history of the human race and having watched those around you.

There are dangers like emotions which will blind you to the truth, and fear which will make you flee from discovery of going where none have gone.

What scares you is the monsters. Well there are no monsters in your mind except the ones that you create. But sometimes the monsters seem real enough to keep you from going in the direction you want to go.

Then there is doubt. Doubt will rob you on your journey, it will steal your happiness and your joy. Doubt will leave you wishing you had never taken any course and that you stayed in the living room watching television. Because they have told you that is safe for you.

Don't forget your tools. Like what you say? Like creativity. That is a tool for the mind to do it's greatest work. If you practice everyday you may find a talent you didn't know you had before.

Sure the mind has pitfalls and loops that don't go anywhere even though the scenery seems to change all the time. It's an illusion. You have been walking the same hallways in the mind over and over again, never to realize you were going in circles.

Some people have a war zone in their heads, they are at war with themselves. Some have created hostile environments for everyone because they have let fear and doubt keep them from going farther. The problem with the mind is that there is no way to take out the garbage. This makes people fear ever putting anything in the first place. But if your going to live in this world you have to make your head a home. You have to be at peace with yourself and your thoughts. You have to be calm even when what you think doesn't match what you see.

The mind can fool you into thinking things are better or worse than they really are. The paradox of the mind. Get your tools out and dust them off. Use logic to match what you see with what you think, then use reason to understand what really is.

Sometimes you have to change what you think to match what you see. Beware of emotions that blind you to the truth. See things for what they are. Match them in your mind, calm and reasonable. Your minds best friend should be patience. All those doors leading to dead ends, you have to take the time to map out the best course. It's tedious and pain staking. It's worth it in the long run.

Make your mind a home, where you store not gold and silver; only the things of value to the mind. Your thoughts, your memories, your dreams, your desire, and your hope. Clean up after yourself and don't let the mind become a place you fear to go. Use your tools and find your way home.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Poem Between Unknown Friends

Poem Between Unknown Friends

This poem is for us;

may our memories of each other never haunt us!

rather they are there to remind us of whom we love and why.

Through it all there is no one but each other

that could fill the shoes of our best friend.

I shall not fear even the worst from you,

and I welcome all the love my heart

can hold that you share along the way.

It's not that I'm invincible to your ways;

rather I know you share the love I have for you,

and you would only share with me

what's in our best interests.

may my love keep you alive as long as you wish to continue.

just remember I too need a sparkle of your love to keep living;

I'm not without hopes and dreams.

Were made of the same stuff.

May our hopes and dreams no matter how wild or far out there

be the things we would both agree upon.

And together we will do more than anyone ever dreamed possible.

I'm wishing you the best and sky's of blue ;

I just hope I've been the sort of friend you have been to me.